Detour with Johan Lolos the World Explorer

We're excited to be working with our new brand ambassador Johan Lolos. He's a huge advocate for traveling and seeing the world and has figured out a great way of making a living while doing so. We've asked him to tell us about himself for this Detours post and include some of his favorite photos from his travels. Watch for future projects that we do with Johan. We hope that what he's doing inspires you to get out and do the same. You can also find him on instagram @lebackpacker! 
So I'm Johan, 27, from Belgium. I have a PR master degree, and after my studies I decided to leave Europe and travel the world for an undefined period of time. I first arrived in Melbourne with a Working Holiday Visa where I stayed 4 month. At the time I was just a regular backpacker. In February 2014, I left Melbourne to start a trip around the whole country, and this when I started to post pictures on my Instagram, all taken with my DSLR. During my year in Australia, things went big for me as my pics on Instagram were featured by important accounts such as @australia and @natgeotravel. That helped me gaining lots of followers, and when I left Aussie for New Zealand last october, I had 27K people following me. 
Now I live in Wanaka, NZ where I'll stay until August. Before settling down here, I did a 3-month road trip all around the country with some friends between October and December. I worked with local tourism boards and tour operators, helping them promoting their region/activities. In Wanaka, I'm the tourism board's photographer. I just love this town and I can't wait to experience it in winter ! Since I'm here, my Instagram kept growing up, and I've recently celebrated the 100K milestone ! I'm so proud to be supported by companies and brands I love, such as Sony, f-stop and Coalatree of course ! After New Zealand, I'm planning to explore Canada and Pacific North West for another year !